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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in this cream?
We use seven nature-derived plant extracts and three ceramides, which are organic fatty acids that help protect skin and retain moisture.

What is NOT in this cream?

Marijuana or hemp derivatives.
CBD (cannabidiol) derivatives.
Synthetic derivatives.
Our cream is wholly sourced from Mother Nature.


What is the cream used for?
This dermatologist formulated cream was designed to reduce inflammation caused by skin and muscle conditions. It repairs and helps your body recover from muscle strain and joint injury. It also helps protect and prepare your skin for future battles while giving you softer, healthier skin.


Who can use the cream? Where can I apply it?
Because the product is all-natural, it is safe for both the sensitive skin of infants and fragile, mature skin – and everything in between. The cream can be safely applied to the face and body.


Is it safe to use this cream with my other medications?
There are no known adverse reactions when using the cream while taking other medications. Always consult your physician with questions about medication.


How often can I use the cream?
Because the ingredients are safe and all-natural, use is at your discretion. Long-term daily use is idealto keep your skin barrier healthy. Because the cream deeply absorbs into the skin and muscles tissues in a matter of 20-30 minutes, it can provide efficient relief during episodes of soreness or pain.


I have tried other creams, how is this one different?
This is the first product of its kind available to consumers. It targets a newly identified receptor in the skin that reduces inflammation without suppressing your immune system as steroids do. It is steroid-free, all-natural and manufactured in the USA. Easily accessible without a prescription, the cream addresses symptoms within hours as opposed to days. This cream only uses a single preservative, which is ideal for sensitive skin. No fragrance has been added. You will smell only the aroma of the natural therapeutic extracts.