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Patented Formula, Created by Physicians, Sisters & Mothers

Rachel Kado, M.D.

– Allergist/Immunologist & Pediatrician
– Mother of 4
– Nat’l Institute of Health researcher on food allergies-peanut, sesame, mixed nuts
– United States Dept of Agriculture researcher on peanut allergies
– Physician scientist
– Oldest of 9 children
– Inspired by the underserved & allergy prone patients of Detroit & Dearborn, Michigan.

Ruba Kado, M.D.

– Rheumatologist
– Mother of 4
– Author of leading rheumatology journal articles & book chapters
– Clinical physician researcher
– Oldest of 3 children
– Inspired by the lack of non-toxic and natural remedies for her patients in pain from their autoimmune skin and joint issues

Jessica Kado, M.D.

– Dermatologist
– Mother of 5
– Inventor
– 3rd of 9 children
– Inspired to create this company by her son’s own difficulty with eczema & the lifelong frustration felt by her sister, Dr. Rachel Kado’s eczema and skin allergies to chemical preservatives

“From Our Family To Yours”